The Village Restaurants

With three locations, The Village Estevan, Royal Oak, and Torquay are local gems taking all-day breakfast by storm.

Often when I travel the places I enjoy most for dining are the ones found off the beaten path, bustling with locals and exuding a friendly vibe like Tasty & Sons in Portland or Joseph Leonard in Manhattan. The Village restaurants are exactly this.

They're bursting with genuine cheer from patrons and staff.

Enjoy a warm welcome, settle in with a coffee, Phillips Beer (with Hoyne Brewing on tap at Royal Oak, and watch for Bridge Brewing and other features at Torquay) or wine by the glass and get to deciding on breakfast or lunch. Their all day breakfast is most famous for latkes. I love the Bennicio del Toro. Poached eggs on latkes, with pico de gallo salsa, feta, and avocado. Omelettes, bennies, granola, a hash and more along with sandwiches, burgers, soups and others make up the menu at all three locations. Espresso drinks or drip brewed coffee by local roaster Oughtred Coffee.

Champions of all things local, follow them on social media to keep up on all the collaborations and projects.

The Estevan Village is a small bright space with some tables, a bar height counter facing the windows, and a sidewalk patio out front. The underground kitchen is reminiscent of New York City, this bright room holds the busy crowds well. Royal Oak is a larger space, bright and sunny, tucked into a residential neighbourhood and filled with locals, just like all the Village spots. 

A third location, Village Torquay opened this winter, close to Mount Doug Park.

A tiny spot with lots of parking, and a patio in the works, even opening day already felt like they'd been there much longer. Jason, who's the face of the Village, is a proud and welcoming Restauranteur, greeting guests as friends. This winter he hosted a pop-up ramen night at Estevan with fresh ramen noodles he brought back from a Hawaiian vacation. About 60 portions, all spoken for 20 minutes into service. Watch for more of these, and go early, our ramen was amazing.

West Coast Benny at The Village // image by Chantal Ireland

Local bounty fills the menus, they're growing food, and making almost everything in house.

Reservations accepted, all three locations open daily 8 - 3, check twitter for occasional changes. Gluten-free and vegetarian diners will be happy here. Expect worthwhile lines on the weekends.

Royal Oak 

2518 Estevan Avenue
4517 West Saanich Road
4087 Shelbourne Street