Hi, I'm Chantal Ireland, a Food Writer and Entrepreneur. A long winded version is here.

This is my lemonade stand, but I sell booze. I write about food, drinks and the grand adventures of love, life, and being an Entrepreneur. Based in Victoria, BC, my office is a VW Golf Sportwagen. It holds a lot of beer, a 45L Patagonia duffel bag and has a sweet Fender stereo for Bob Seger classics.


Join us. There's cold beer.

I book and host great events for clients and share them with you here. Winemaker, Brewmaster, and Cidermaker dinners are in the works for 2016. I'll be on tour this spring and summer serving up Bridge Brewing, Black Cloud Pinot Noir, Legend Distilling, Gabbie's Premium Cider, and TH Wines for thirsty fans.

If you have an event you'd like me to share or join, please send details.


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