What I'm up to this year.

We started the year with a trip to Baja. When we got home, we started in on the house. Updates, purging, selling, cleaning, more purging and lots of painting. Then he reseeded the lawn and I planted a new garden bed, using Instagram Stories to document the three month process. We reduced our 2800sq/ft of living space to about 150lbs., plus two bikes, and set off for London.

We rented out our house and my partner started a six month leave of absence from his work at BC Ambulance Service. We set off to cycle tour in Europe for almost three months through England, France and Belgium. Next we were (mostly) off the grid in rural BC, and for October and November, desert bound on a 11,000KM road trip to Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and on through Arizona to Nevada, California and eventually turned north towards home.

Between sunrise photos, aeropress coffees, adventure-filled days and starry nights, I'm forming new projects to launch in 2018. I'll be writing and sharing more in the months to come. 


1524 KM, 2.5 months Cycle touring in europe

I rode 9km (to brunch) as a training ride on my new bike before this trip. I hadn't ever ridden with panniers, cycling shoes, bar end shifters, or even just ridden, in ages.  We took the long way, I deleted the Facebook app, mostly skipped social media for five+ weeks, rode over 1500 kilometres from London to Lille, France by way of Normandy, Loire Valley and Paris, and then on to Belgium and back to England. Tears, rain, dancing, rosé, endless baguettes, and so much love. Guys, we rode our bikes around the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs-Élysées.



Off grid in British Columbia

Mostly off grid, (there's that one bar of service near the dock) at the family cabin in the Cariboo, September is my favourite time to travel in BC. There's my birthday, the crowds are gone, and the weather is usually fantastic. Cooking in the wood stove, paddle boarding on the lake, watching the sunrise (yay jet lag!), with balanced time for movement and stillness. We are reading about Banff and Jasper, Moab, and other desert destinations. Send me your recommendations.