My customers are loyal, probably because I care about people I work with.

I answer my phone. What I can’t prevent, I solve quickly. Plus I sometimes bring snacks.

Shop my lemonade stand. 

In 2015 I took the leap and started working for myself. Really, I leased my first car, filled my glovebox with receipts and coasters, borrowed a bar fridge from a friend (my family wanted room to fit actual food in our fridge), found clients who'd let me sell their things to people, and went looking for buyers who love great local products.

It all happens pretty quickly. Being an Entrepreneur is awesome. I get to work with some great people. People like you that own or work in local businesses, and want to support local makers.

When you buy from me, I answer my phone, show up, and help to make good things happen for you.

Premium craft drink sales management.

It's my job to make your life easier. To understand your vision. To help you grow sales. To educate your customers, and make long term plans. But I can’t tell you that, I can only show you. By doing the work, showing up, and helping to make good things happen for other people.

I keep a small premium craft portfolio in commitment to all stakeholders. I build profitable partnerships. With years of experience across selling channels, I thrive on long term, high service partnerships.

I've managed $1.1 million in annual sales for a premium local brand in territories from Vancouver Island to Ontario. 

The retailers and hospitality partners I work with enjoy working with me. They trust me to bring them quality products, and help them sell through. No one likes to dust product. That's not a sales partnership. That's a transaction. It's not profitable for anyone in the chain.

I launched my business in 2015 with a focus in Victoria & the Gulf Islands and quickly expanded to full coverage across BC. I have created relationships with over 200 retailers, both private and government stores. I've added over 120 new accounts for clients so far, and I often sell out of seasonal new releases on launch day.

In 2016 I tripled sales over 2015, growing the agency by 200.22%. In 2017, I'm launching The Friday List, an agency brand beyond my personal name.

Commission based fees, minimum allocation requirements, promotional partnership budget, and Producer time in market are required. It has to be a joint effort. If you want focused attention, let's talk.

“Chantal is a dynamic, professional and productive sales manager for our wine business. She brings innovative solutions to the table for our retail and wholesale sectors. Personable and poised, Chantal sets realistic goals for herself and our product line and delivers solid performance.”
— Bradley Cooper, Winemaker

Writing about food, drink, and travel.

The first encounter I had with food writing was a restaurant review in my local paper when I was 16. It criticized the Mexican restaurant I worked at for having Caesar salad on the menu. Since this classic was first served in Tijuana, I learned the importance of doing research before you put your name on something. 

Since then my love of place has led to adventures from Vancouver to Paris and beyond. I once took a taxi from LAX to a coffee roaster in Venice Beach for a cappuccino and a chocolate bar on a two hour layover. A home cook and baker, my new obsession with bundt pans and stout cakes is countered with a bicycle.

I support values-based businesses, ethical treatment of animals, and advocate for small food producers.

I welcome story ideas or event coverage requests for Side Dish, my monthly column in Monday Magazine, or freelance writing inquiries for your business, project, or publication.

Project based pricing, starting at $400.

Social media takeovers and event coverage. 

You're having a party, hosting a feast, or entertaining clients. You probably won't have time to stare at your phone. Then the battery will die because the screen is on all the time, while you stare blankly at it, then get interrupted by someone asking you where you want the ice sculpture.

I'll schedule, post, and talk to your online community for upcoming events, special occasions, new releases or any other grand idea you want to tell people about. I'll come to your event, post and tag photos, create a hashtag for event goers to follow and promote to their audience, and generally talk in a positive light, using your tone, about what's happening.

I've built an audience of people that care what I have to say (which is still so crazy to me) of just over 6,000 across multiple platforms. So I'm used to working with volume, I type fast, take good photos, and triple check my punctuation and grammar. I don't use exclamation marks, and I won't post cat photos on your account. Unless you are a Veterinarian, because seriously that stuff is viral.

$350 per event, includes lead up and on-site posting, post-event replies.