The Friday List is my cool little company that helps food and drink makers tell their stories. I started out in 2015 selling booze, and in June 2017, set off for some grand adventures. 

We rented out our house and my partner started a six month leave of absence from his work at BC Ambulance Service. We set off to cycle tour in Europe for almost three months through England, France and Belgium. Now we're (mostly) off the grid in rural BC, with plans to travel further this Fall and Winter. 

Between sunrise photos, aeropress coffees, adventure-filled days and starry nights, I'm forming new projects to launch in 2018.

It was a blast working with liquor stores, restaurants and craft drink makers for the past couple of years here in BC. Thanks to all of my clients and customers for your continued support of the local economy. I look forward to continually serving the community of local food production and appreciation, for many years to come. Beer is food too.