We all know three squares isn’t enough.

You want the whole roll, your whole roll, to fill the shelves at Whole Foods Markets.
Why have three squares when you could have twenty-four feet?

Hiring Fluid Creative probably means you’re growing and looking to tell your brand’s story in a focused way.

Whole Foods Markets is an interesting retailer. With their margins, merchandising, and customer dynamics, they’re different than other retailers. For success here you need great service and a connection with buyers and customers rooted in sustainability and your shared vision.

The right products have to ship, and staff education is key to moving volume.

Brilliant packaging design, storytelling, and strong relationships are the way to achieve this. Storytelling is something I’d love to help you with.

I’ve been selling mission-driven products to grocers (and anyone who’ll listen) for more than a decade.


Santa’s not the only one with a deadline.

Just like the big guy, Caboo needs to stay on time to win the hearts of buyers. I’m diving back in to work after a sabbatical and skipping the holiday chaos, so I’m available to offer you priority on this project.

After coffee and squats that is. A girl’s gotta have a morning routine.

Chantal Ireland - SSC Display.jpeg

Selling with stories and numbers.

The best street cred I’ve got for this project, I can’t show you. It’s proprietary and it wouldn’t make me look very good to be sharing it.

During my years at Salt Spring Coffee, I wrote the winning response to a RFP from the University of Victoria. I ditched the point form version from the ghosts of Christmas past to write a detailed, beautifully designed twenty-three page story that led the way to a $100,000 contract. It became the baseline template for the company, winning a multi-year contract renewal at Grouse Mountain, and a new multi-year contract at The Vancouver Aquarium.

I took a storied approach on trade practices, impact in coffee growing regions and at home, 1% For the Planet, sourcing, waste management, organic certification and more. But you know, non-disclosures and all.

So instead, here’s a photo of the largest retail display in the company’s history. I sold this and worked closely with Country Grocer in Ganges to deliver, build, and maintain this display. I love helping buyers and producers in this journey.


Sustainability + Product.

Back to the Caboo story where too, product and sustainability are intertwined, and it’s all the more important to be clear. It’s freaking hard to avoid buzz words, sound unique, and convey your mission without sounding like everyone else on the shelf next to you sometimes, isn’t it?

We can dive into stories from your supply chain from field to factory, and find the words to tell your story to buyers in a way that’s memorable, authentic, and helps sell more Caboo. The better we tell that story to potential customers and buyers, the more it helps them remember — and connect — to your brand.


At Whole Foods Market in Victoria today, I bought Caboo paper towel and toilet paper.

I hadn’t before, and I might be the right fit to help you fix that. I’m your target customer, a Whole Foods shopper, I really care what paper products I buy, and having just blown my nose on your product (definitely never said that in a proposal before), I’m hooked.

I might be the right fit if..

you’ll let me talk to you openly and honestly about your company, its practices, and your goals to conquer the aisle. If you like waffles more than pancakes, and if you like straight talk and action more than vague ideas.

I’m not the right fit if you think..

this should be free, thrown together in a day without any real conversations with you, or if Santa calls and needs help building toys. I mean, it’s the North Pole. The abominable snowman could be there. I’d really have to go. You’ll understand.

Choose your own adventure.


I estimate a $3,000 project fee.
We can talk all about it if you like what you see here.
There’ll be a contract and deadlines and a clear understanding of what to expect.

A 50% deposit will get us rolling, and the rest is due upon completion. You’ll own the work, I’m not going to be using it later to sell the bamboo from our backyard planter or anything. GST applies because healthcare and roads. Cheques are sort of retro now even though they’re fun to get in the mail — but those guys are busy enough right now — so credit card or e-transfer is preferred. No IOUs, lifetime supplies of toilet paper, or velvet bags of shillings are accepted as payment.

I’ve included a few links throughout to things I’ve written, I look forward to hearing from you.