I believe passionately in whole ingredients, and actual food.

When I lived alone, I ate popcorn and Rosé for dinner sometimes because, well, you understand. Then I met him. I traded my loft for his yard, and built a cellar. 

So there's all these people to cook for, we entertain, I took time off work, and starting making cakes in his mom's tube pan which led to a small collection of bundt pans. And now there's this website. Mostly thanks to Deb Perlman's smitten kitchen blog because she inspired me to start, and feed my family all the things.

I don't eat a ton of meat, but the boys (my fella and his son) are big fans of the burgers. I really love making birthday cakes. His daughter and my nephews get the best ones. 

I can promise you none of these things are hard to make.

Most are from other blogs and cookbooks, and I've just forgotten to measure something, taken out half the sugar, added cardamom, and called it adapted. You can make it too.

Seriously, pie dough? So easy. No, I'm not crazy. Although I do get anxious when the sun starts setting at 5pm and I haven't had time to make anything to photograph before losing the light. I hope something here inspires you. Welcome to the table.