Winter Sangria with Pinot Noir and Cranberries.

Winter is no reason to forget about the delicious combination of fresh fruit and booze.

There was a beautiful box of fresh local cranberries on the discount rack at the Rootcellar and I couldn't resist their deep red hue. I have no idea what to do with two pounds of them, but this was a start. I had open wine samples because I sell it, and sometimes, well, yes I admit, you just can't drink it all. Shocking I know. So use your favourite wine, or what's open, or blend some cranberries to create the deep red colour in an alcohol free version.

Here's what I did, adjust to taste, don't fuss with it, serve it over ice and enjoy. We enjoyed this in great company, digging the vintage family Christmas tree decorations out of the cases and scattering them all over the tree with no pattern what so ever.

3c Sparkling water
1/4c Black Cloud Pinot Noir 2012 Altostratus
3/4c Black Cloud Pinot Noir 2014 Red Sky Rosé
1 bottle Phillips Soda Works Philosopher's Brew Tonic
Sprig of rosemary from the yard if you have it
Handful of fresh or frozen cranberries
1 lime sliced, some juice squeezed in
1 orange about 3/4 of sliced and add, the rest squeezed for fresh juice to add

Top up with sparkling water to fill your pitcher or adjust to your personal taste with anything else you think is a good idea, it probably is.

We served it with ice in small vintage (his parents') gold rimmed glasses.