Black Cloud releases Okanagan Valley 2014 Fleuvage Pinot Noir.

The latest release of Black Cloud Pinot Noir is 202 cases of 2014 Fleuvage. Here's the story of this wine, from Winemaker Bradley Cooper.

Fleuvage by Black Cloud // image by Chantal Ireland

"In 2014 we began sourcing the grapes for Fleuvage from a south Okanagan vineyard located near the south end of Vaseaux Lake between Oliver and Okanagan Falls. Coincidentally, this vineyard was planted using cuttings from the Remuda Vineyard in Okanagan Falls where we have obtained our Pinot Noir for the Altostratus bottling since 2008.

The 2014 growing season was great with plenty of warm temperatures and excellent harvest conditions. Readings on the October 2 harvest day showed:

23 Brix
3.45 pH
7.2 gr/L Titratable Acidity

The grapes showed marvelous colour and flavour.

After a 48 hour cold soak, the open fermenters were allowed to warm in the early fall sun and were inoculated with yeast on October 4. Fermentation lasted about 12 days with pressing occurring with 4 Brix remaining. The must was then charged with malolactic bacteria to initiate the ML conversion.

The wine was transferred to French oak barrels of mixed ages (averaging about two years old). Analysis in December showed the wine had successfully completed ML and primary fermentations and the wine was allowed to barrel age through much of 2015. In December the wine was assembled in tank and bottled the first month of 2016. 

White pepper and earth notes mingle with cherry on the nose. Plenty of fresh cherry, cocoa dust and cola on the palate. A medium long finish and with lingering cranberry notes. Enjoy with stuffed pastas, flavourful cheeses and BBQ pulled pork."

Available at private retailers and restaurants or through Black Cloud's online store. For trade inquires, please read more here. For more on Black Cloud, read their story here.