Black Cloud Pinot Noir's 2015 Red Sky Rosé.

With just 125 cases in production, Black Cloud's Red Sky Rosé is a gem in BC Rosé this year.

You can request it at your favourite local shop, or order it online through the Black Cloud website. Winemaker Bradley Cooper tells the story below. Please direct trade or media inquires here.

"Wine people in BC and beyond will be talking about 2015 for decades to come. Was it the first of many warmer vintages or was it an anomaly, a gift from southern climates? What we know at this time is that it was warmer and earlier than just about any growing season in the modern era (post 1988). Which resulted in some unusual circumstances." -- Bradley Cooper, Winemaker

Unusually, we harvested all our Pinot Noir early. In some cases, three weeks or better.

2015 Red Sky Rosé by Black Cloud // image by Chantal Ireland

We traditionally draw off about 20% of the juice just after crush for two reasons. The juice ferments into a lovely rosé we call RED SKY, and the remaining juice with skins and seeds now has a higher skin-to-juice ratio promising darker colours and richer, expressive flavours in our Fleuvage and Altostratus.

The 2015 RED SKY started out as juice bursting with flavour and plenty of Brix, or sugar in solution if you will. Unusually, it was also a little higher in the pH department. To avoid having a flabby rosé (who likes a flabby rosé?), we cold fermented at about 12C and boosted the natural acidity by about half a gram per litre. Cold fermenting helps lock in the fruit flavours. Yeast selection was initially feral but to ensure a strong finish at the end of the race we added our old pal Romanée Conti 212 when about half the sugar had been depleted. The result of the yeast family feud is the complexity and savoury nature of this rosé.

The 2015 RED SKY boasts strawberry, cherry, and rhubarb in the nose and in the palate.

And enough tannin to stand up to just about any casual food pairing from pizza to picnics to pastrami. Unusually, the alcohol is on the high side but the big, round body of the wine manages that with considerable aplomb.

Enjoy at about 7C with your feet up and your hair down.